How to start a business with no money? Honest article.

We want to say right away that we have an answer to this question. The answer is at the end of this article.

But to understand whether this answer is true or not, we will ask the hastiest reader to read everything in order.

There is an expression: everything is known in comparison. It really is. Therefore, in order to understand the question of the easiest way to start a business without money, we will first look at the main existing ways to obtain initial financing. We will try to do it honestly and without prejudice, not trying to convince the reader of something or, on the contrary, disappoint. There will be no motivating appeals or colorful promises.

Just the truth, no matter how bitter it is. Also, we do not want you to take our words for the truth, there are always exceptions or other experiences, you can share them in the comments so that other readers know an alternative opinion. We also want to warn the reader right away that we are considering a small business. And we conduct a serious analysis without joke stories “and then my father left me the first million.”

So, let's begin. The most favorite way of all advisors how to raise money for starting a small business is to reach out to the community and use free tools to get the first customer feedback. What is wrong with this method? Yes, almost everything. Firstly, you do not have your own community, which means that you will need to break through a series of various technical restrictions and dissatisfaction with various community administrators or automatic bots that will simply delete your message as advertising.

Secondly, your message is likely to receive a huge portion of hate from people who visit such resources only for this. And if you still don't have the money to mass advertise your idea or start a small business, and you try to find specialized resources, for example, designed for startups and founders, then you will again receive silence and the absence of any advice or support. Most likely, the people you contacted are busy with their current affairs and are not interested in giving advice to a beginner who does not yet have any indicators with which to try to surprise the public.

Perhaps someone in search of new business ideas will be happy to read your idea and go to implement it. Someone has not understood your idea and is not interested in understanding it in more detail, because it is only an idea. And hundreds more reasons. In the end, people are fed up with information and generally believe very little. This article can be cited as an example if we compare how many people saw the headline and how many opened the article.
Conclusion - in practice, this method does not work.

Start a business with your own savings. Great advice that will probably make everyone who reads wince. Why doesn't this method work? This can be very briefly described in one sentence. A big business requires a lot of investment to get started, while a small business requires a small amount of money but a lot of trying. For each of us, this advice causes negative emotions, because everyone, to one degree or another, has already tried this advice in their lives and did not get the desired result. It is as a result of already spent their own money on unsuccessful attempts to start a business that a person turns to the question of how to start a business without money.

The next method is similar to the previous one. Borrow money from friends or family. The method works in theory. But in practice, it also practically does not work. Because, as we wrote above, a small business does not require much money, but it requires a lot of attempts. Let's be honest, how many attempts can your family and friends approve of? Two or three? And on the fifth try, you run the risk of hearing the words: “Go to work,” which stopped so many undertakings that they may become the most mentioned words in the history of mankind.

Incubators, grants, funds, crowdfunding. Let me combine all these features into one bullet point, because each of them has its own happy features, but they all have common problems in connection with which they do not work for small businesses. The first and most important point is that you are unlikely to be able to approach these methods of financing without any money at all. All these methods require at least quite a long time, which you will try to get to them. Can you come to any investment fund tomorrow? No.

Can you call there and make an appointment? No. If you were interested in crowdfunding, then by opening any of the sites and looking at the number of applications submitted, you understand that you have about one chance to climb from twenty-eight thousand three fifty-ninth place to the first page of the crowdfunding platform to the figure mentioned above. And some sites require initial funding from friends or family before publishing your project and we read the points above.

In addition to the reasons described above, for any start-up business project, there are a number of common problems that are inherent in any business and which are the cause of failure for most businesses, regardless of size. The incorrectly chosen audience, incorrectly drawn up advertising strategy, wrong partners, and competitors were not taken into account, the advertising budget was spent at the wrong time and in the wrong place, and so on and so forth. Well, one more, last but not least factor is psychology. At some point, a person gets tired of looking for new business options and gives up trying to start a business without money. For each of us, this moment may come sooner or later, but it inevitably comes for all.

What option do we offer? We suggest anyone who wants to start their own business use the Aething app. In this application, the business sends its advertisement and money directly to the user. You can use the money received for viewing ads to send your ad! You do not need to look for funding to test your business ideas, and you get a free tool for you to start a business! You can try, find new ideas and try again.

And most importantly, we can offer you - this time! The time during which you can test your ideas and get real results. We have described in more detail how to speed up time in previous articles, but each case is unique and your business idea of course has its own advantages and its own unique way of development. But time is always important for each of us and you can find your own ideas on how to use our application. Don't share your ideas with anyone, just do your business and make your dream come true with Aething!

We are currently in the process of collecting donations for our project. The scale and importance of the task that we want to implement have a downside, we need a lot of funding to not only build the application but also to convey information about it to a huge number of businesses, which will allow you to quickly raise the amount you need to start your business.

But we know how to implement it and have been moving along this path for two years now. If you can help the project, then your donation will speed up its implementation. We do not insist on help, in any case, we are implementing this project, just subscribe to the news if it interests you.

And we will be grateful if you share this article with your friends, this is the most important step towards the realization of our common ideas and dreams!

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APRIL, 07 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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