Meet Joe! Family advertising.

A new type of advertising — family advertising from Aething Inc.

Aething Inc has developed a mobile application for instant advertising. Surveys show incredible numbers: more than 80 percent of users in a given region will open your ad within 5 to 15 minutes after it is sent. This solution not only opens up unimaginable new opportunities for the advertising market but also provides opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to make the most of their advertising budgets.

How exactly does this happen? Let’s look at one example.

Meet Joe!

Earlier, we would have already described the criticality of time for small and medium-sized businesses. We have shown that time is a very important parameter when we need to reach a buyer. But that’s not all that is important for small businesses. In this article, we will open another advantage of the Aething app using the example of a virtual Joe we invented.

Joe has found a new niche for himself in the business of connecting new users to the Internet. Having entered into agreements with all the telecommunications companies in his area, Joe armed himself with advertising leaflets and began to distribute them to all apartments in new buildings.

The business strategy was chosen very correctly, most tenants in new houses need an Internet connection, and by leaving his advertising booklet on the doorknob, Joe has greatly increased the chances of receiving a coveted call from a client in need of connection. What could have gone wrong?

What didn’t Joe consider when he was strategizing his small business? One word — competitors. It turned out that a similar idea came not only to Joe, and when he began to deliver advertising booklets, he saw that a similar advertisement was already placed at the apartments of many apartments.

But this situation is not new and every business in the world has competitors, Joe was not discouraged and knew that his offer was the best on the market with the most attractive conditions.

Joe went around several thousand apartments and began to receive orders. And here he ran into an unexpected problem. Starting to receive calls and fulfill orders to connect customers to the Internet, Joe began to lose orders
from customers who called him when he could not answer while serving a new client. And each such missed call was for him a forever lost client who, without calling Joe, ordered a connection from a competitive company.

Why did we consider this situation in such detail and how exactly can Aething app help Joe? Using the example of hardworking Joe, we wanted to show that time is doubly critical for a small business.

Time is important in order to reach the user when he needs the service, and also time is critical to provide this service in time while the client needs it. In the example above, Joe’s cost to get a client can be calculated by adding the cost of printing the booklets and the time it took to deliver them. But Joe does not know when exactly the booklet he left will be seen by his client, so he is forced to deliver booklets all his free time.

With the Aething app, small businesses get the opportunity not only to reach the customer quickly, exactly when they need the service, but also to optimize their advertising costs. In other words, we can say that Aething App allows us to manage time! Using the Aething App, John can do two things.

First, Joe can submit his advertisement and receive orders from customers within 15 minutes of submitting the advertisement. Thus, many times reducing the time to reach the client. It is worth noting that the cost of sending an ad to the Aething app is equal to the cost of printing a booklet, and delivery is carried out within a fraction of a second. And most importantly, Joe does not have to wait weeks and months until the client sees his ad, the client will see it on the same day.

But that is not all!

The second thing that the Aething app allows us to do is plan our time. In the example above, we showed that at some point, Joe began to lose orders, as he was busy fulfilling orders already received. With the aething app, we can manage our time by only submitting an ad when we’re ready to process and complete an order.

We can’t do this if we can’t predict when a user will receive our message. And with the ability to quickly reach the user, we also get the ability to plan orders and manage our time and expenses.

That is why it is easy for us to communicate with friends and relatives, we know that they will quickly respond to our message.

That is why we call Aething App — family advertising!

APRIL, 02 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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