Who will help John?

We’ve already covered the small business benefits of aething app. What is aething app? This is a promotional mobile app in which a business directly sends ads to the client with the money for viewing these ads. The app gets a fee.

The client is interested in viewing the ad. The business may reach an audience of any size in the shortest time.
But there is one more advantage that we forgot to mention. This is a reduction in advertising costs. Let’s take a closer look at how this happens with a simple example.

Meet John!

So, John is a trucker. John owns one truck and is a trucker around the clock. John often sleeps in the car and rarely sees his family. John lives in a big city in a new area with his family. How does John find his clients to pay his family’s bills?

John has several regular customers who order several times a year, but this is not enough to pay the monthly bills and John puts advertising on his car.
But that’s not enough to pay for the apartment and car lease, and John uses a logistics company to get orders daily, leaving himself only time to sleep and eat, he gets behind the wheel and goes to the next client.

John loves his job and relaxes on the road, but sometimes spending whole months on the road away from his family gets a little boring then John returns to his city and tries to look for clients by advertising on Google Ads. However, a few months later, John again returns to the logistics company and sets off on a month-long journey.

Why doesn’t John use Google Ads all the time and go on a long, endless journey again? As we already discussed in the first article, the key parameter is time.

Time to get clients is also important to John. Let’s take a look at what happens when John advertises on Google Ads. When John wants to spend more time with his family, then he advertises on Google Ads and receives calls from customers who give John orders. But why is advertising on Google Ads less effective than cooperating with a logistics company?

The logistics company is constantly finding new orders and each day gives John new coordinates for the closest customer to him. When John pays for advertising himself, then he receives calls from clients from different parts of his city who need delivery of goods to other cities, states, or countries. But the next order takes John even further from home. John would like to go home, but he can’t. Why ask you? The answer is the same.


John’s wife advertises on Google Ads and looks for new orders for him, these orders come from different cities, but not where John’s house is located. Not where his wife does not leave the computer looking through new applications in the hope of finding the cherished name of her native city there. We already know that John lives in a big city.

Around are high-rise buildings full of people who are in a hurry somewhere, are fond of something, make friends, and laugh. And among the millions of people who live around the apartments of John’s family, every day hundreds of people order delivery of goods to the city in which John lives. But Google Ads does not allow you to control the time during which these people will see an ad that will help John return home. These people pick up the phone and call a well-known logistics company.

Thousands of cars leave today for their hometown, but John again receives an order in a completely different direction.

Only at aething app can John’s wife put up an ad that people want to see. And this means that there is no need to advertise all over the city if you can only advertise in your area and most of the people living there will see your ad. Only on the Aething app, 80% of people will open an ad sent by John’s wife within 15 minutes of posting. This means that you can use your advertising budget more efficiently only when you need it and you can reduce costs. And in an hour, John’s joyful wife will call him with good news — John, you are going home!

This is a real story in which everything is true except for a happy ending. Because any creation of a new application takes months and years. And it takes decades for people to learn about a new product. Perhaps you have friends who have never used the Skype application?

Or friends who have never heard of the Nokia brand of phones that managed to take a huge market share, leave the market, and come back again within a decade?

People do not think about those who are somewhere far away from them, and even more so they are completely unfamiliar. We think about people close to us and this is the right decision. And if the aething application already existed, then I could send a message to those who are close to me and ask them to send this message further. But this is also impossible.

We think that what we know is known to everyone. And we are wrong. Only if each of us retweets this message, if each of us tells about John to his acquaintance and his parents, his friends, and his enemies, only then will it be possible to create an aething application.
But this is impossible.

This has never happened in history and it is impossible. Even Elon Musk.

But who will help John?

APRIL, 02 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

Aething Inc.

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