Benefits of Aething app for Small Businesses

What is aething app? This is a promotional mobile application in which a business directly sends an advertisement to the client with the money for viewing this advertisement. The app charges a fee.

The client is interested in viewing the ad. Business gets the opportunity to reach an audience of any size in the shortest possible time.

First of all, the Aething app allows us to save time. Time to find a new client. Time to communicate about a new product or service to old customers. How does this happen? Let’s explain with an example. In any existing advertising system, you need to do two things.

First thing.
You need to pay for placing your advertisement on some kind of advertising platform that does not have full coverage of all customers, but some part of them. Then you have to wait until your order is completed. When the billboard you paid will be installed? When will the mailing list be delivered to customers?

And so on.

And the second thing.
You have to wait for your potential client to pass by your outdoor advertising, while the client opens his mailbox, and your client enters the search query you need. Until he comes to the store on the shelves on which you have placed your product. Until it opens on Amazon or another site where you placed your ad. And so on.

Time is everything.

The most non-intuitive is the user wait time in systems like Google or Facebook. It seems to many that your advertising in these systems reaches the client instantly. But let’s look at an example. You posted your ad on Facebook or Google. What happens next? The first is that you need your client to open the application or website. But most people are busy with their current affairs. They drive a car or do their taxes. They treat people or grow grapes.

They do thousands of things and don’t open a search engine every day.
We need to wait over again.

In the case of a search engine, we need the time your client to search for the search term we set for which your ad will be shown. In addition, people have stopped looking for many queries on the Internet. Tell yourself, honestly, how long have you been searching the Internet for the query ‘where to buy coffee’ or ‘where to get a manicure’? People already know where to do it and are not looking for such requests.

Therefore, using Google ads is almost useless for your new pet store, hairdresser, or hundreds of other businesses.

The situation is slightly different with social media users. A person visits social networks more often than a search engine, and it seems to us that by posting an ad on Facebook we will instantly get new customers. And we are wrong again. Facebook tells us that it has 2 billion daily users. But no business has the budget to show an ad to those billions.

We need to show the ad to those people who are our clients, most often they are residents of one residential district, one city district, and less often the whole city. I understand that in my small shop or hairdresser, customers who live nearby should come more often. And my pet grooming service can come to a client in another area of the city, but will not go to another city or state. Ideally, my ad should reach a user who lives or is in the same block around me.

But if we have reduced the search for our customers to one area or quarter, then tell yourself, honestly, how quickly will your advertising reach customers living in this particular area? How many of them will see your ad and how quickly? If a person opens Facebook, how many posts does he view? The average user views two or three messages and closes the app because they don’t have time. That is why the one who advertised on Facebook was probably surprised that the ad did not work instantly.

Because people go to social networks often, but thoughtfully look through only a few messages. This is why Facebook ads don’t work instantly and you also need to wait a long time for your client to see your ad.

And the second dilemma of social networks as an advertising platform is that people most often come there for communication. And so they just might not pay attention to your ad. It can be explained with a simple example. We came to the sporting goods store for a sleeping bag. We walk past shelves with thousands of products and hardly see them.

We are not interested in them because we came for a sleeping bag. Or another example, perhaps familiar to many of us. You bought a car and started noticing how many cars of the same brand are in your city. Why didn’t you notice them before? They just didn’t interest us.

This is why advertising on social networks takes so long to bring results. That’s why we go to the grocery store for groceries and the sleeping bag to the sporting goods store, we know where to buy coffee and don’t look for it on the Internet. Every thing has its place in our minds.

And if we want to know about new products or services, the news of your favorite brand or the nearest concerts in your city, we open aething.

That is why aething is so effective for small businesses. We quickly deliver information about our products and services to customers who are happy to see our ad. Our ad works with us instantly! And if we want to know about new products or services, the news of our favorite brand or the nearest concerts in our city, we open aething.

Every thing in our mind has its place. And if we are talking about advertising, then this is the place — aething!

And one more thing. What is advertising for business? No business can exist without it. Everything in our lives needs advertising, even a valid cancer cure or a social assistance program in times of COVID-19. Advertising covers everything and everyone around us.

Anything and Everything — Aething Inc.

APRIL, 02 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

Aething Inc.

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