Open letter to CEO of X company Linda Yaccarrino,
and Under Secretary of USPTO Kathi Vidal.

Open letter to CEO of X company Linda Yaccarrino, and Under Secretary of USPTO Kathi Vidal.
Open letter to CEO of company X
(formerly Twitter) Linda Yaccarrino
and Under Secretary of Commerce for
Intellectual Property of the
United States Kathi Vidal.

In 2020, I filed a patent application describing a model of an advertising application in which the advertiser sends advertisements about his goods and services directly to the client, along with payment for viewing the message by the customer.

Patent application SYSTEM FOR THE SELECTIVE DISTRIBUTION OF PUBLICITY BY TELEMATIC based on and claims priority of Spanish Patent Application No. P2020 30,284 (ES), filed April 7, 2020.
Based on the above patent, a US patent Pub. No.: US 2021/0312491 A1
was registered on October 7, 2021.

Since the end of 2020, I have been attempting to obtain funding to implement the application by the model described in the patent. However, starting in 2021, I have received maximum opposition on the Twitter platform (now X). My accounts are blocked, my messages are filtered without my notification, and are not visible to all users of the platform, but only to me.

Dear Linda Yaccarino, I ask you to assist me in unblocking my accounts and restoring my ability to conduct business by the rules of the platform.

Dear Katie Vidal, since my patent application is currently in the “abandoned” state, I want to confirm that the inability to pay for all the necessary patent services was caused by the situation described above with the blocking of my accounts and is not a force majeure situation. Therefore, I would like to confirm my intention to make all payments on time once my business rights and access to financing have been restored.

Updated 01/01/2024

I also ask you to extend the validity of my provision patent application for Pterygota Marker, the impossibility of obtaining a patent within the period provided by provision application was caused by the same reasons for the partial blocking of all my accounts.

27 December, 2023

Text author: Ihar Kul

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My business Twitter / X account has been blocked by the UK Intellectual Property Protection Office. There is no answer to my requests on their official LinkedIn page.

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