Aething - useful advertising. Explained Business model.

aething useful advertising explained business model
Aething - useful advertising. Explained Business model.
We have already noted earlier on the site that the Aething application uses a patented business model. Today we'd like to look at what this means in practice. To clearly explain what a business model is, you need to go back many decades to the opening of the world's first supermarket.

Unlike the concept of a store close to home, the new business model of a supermarket offering many products in one place, at the most attractive price - this business model became the basis for the creation of an entire industry. Of course, in the world after decades of supermarket development, there are still convenience store chains, this business model has not changed their need for almost a century of development of the supermarket business model.

However, the number of supermarkets is gradually growing and there are 369 multinational supermarket chains in the world (excluding local national chains) located in 39,000 locations on all continents. This phenomenon became possible thanks to one business idea for a new store concept. Of course, the implementation of this idea took many years, but all the described networks are united by these simple and not everyone understands the words “business model”.

That's why we describe the significance of a new digital advertising business model that offers a change in time. The time during which the advertiser can reach his client, the business will be able to tell the story that it seeks to tell its clients, those for whom it creates goods and services, and tell its story to people.

Just as in the above example of supermarkets, changing the business model of the store created the opportunity for people to improve their lives by purchasing many goods at the best price in one place, so the business model of the Aething app will also provide an opportunity to make advertising both convenient and useful.

Aething - useful advertising.
20 February, 2024

Text author: Ihar Kul

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